30 Steps towards youDr. Nisreen Yacoub

In your hands my dear readers, I present to you a sequence, beginning from where I came from, a part of me that brought me to myself, to those who I have supported, ending with a summary that I thought might help you understand everything I meant on my journey. Whatever I thought would be helpful for you, I have written to help you understand the steps required to take without the need to meet a psychotherapist, or take counselling, until you are willing to take that step. It might be hard for you to open up, and conversations may be somewhat vague on you, but I understand that very well.

When you go through experiences, and later find these experiences in my book, you will have complete understanding of what happened in your situation. With experiences that I’ve written which you don’t understand, I can assure you they are experiences you went through but weren’t completely aware of the situation at hand. So, I advise you to finish reading, and then re-read, and then you will be a different person who has awareness of what was not previously known, before reading 30 steps to a better you.

I tried to be as clear as possible, I tried to decrease my use of philosophical language. To ensure you have a better understanding of the experiences in my book. But sometimes the language is so raw and heavy, it talks about experiences that happen to us around the clock which we shy away from speaking to anyone about. This will support you in learning about situations you find hard sharing with others.

You, my reader, mean so much to me. I hope you share your opinion, your story, your thoughts and your thoughts of my book. You have seen much more that I am yet to see in clinics, lectures, conferences and even in public parties. i will always be trustworthy in trying to understand your views, and to reach to you.

Then we fly.

“Pain is what leads us, teaches us and revives the resistance that saves us. Then we fly.

Pain is one voice that reflects on many others, including will, desire, determination and the love of life. Feeling pain is not a bad thing;

Learning how to understand the concept of empathy, which differentiates from the concept of compassion, was a difficult journey for me. It made me exercise the role of a shepherd. Who had the responsibility and obligation to provide a quick solution of survival. While empathy was superior; This is all they need to reach for themselves.

Every customer is trustworthy, faithful in his ability. They are viewed with respect, patience and understanding. To express what they have had hidden in them for a long time.”

Dr. Nisreen Yacoub

The book is available in Jeddah: Jarir Bookstore | Dr. Fathi Center Nisreen Jacob

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