Counseling & Therapy

Psychotherapy aims to solve emotional, behavioral and social problems. we also support resolving issues and traumas facing individuals. We use psychological methods in the form of a personal interaction between the client and the psychologist to help the client change and overcome the problems in a suitable manner. Psychotherapy is also intended to improve the individual in terms of general mental health, behaviors, beliefs, motives, and to overcome disturbing thoughts and emotions, such as PTSD. It also helps improve relationships and social skills.

Direct communication between the client and the specialist works to alleviate the psychological barriers. We also support physical pain and suffering that may be in the form of depression, anxiety, PTSD, phobias, OCD, addiction, personality disorders, etc.

In some cases, we’ll direct the client to follow-up with a psychiatrist. Treatment may require a few sessions or may last for months or years. Depending on the client’s condition and their response to the treatment. how the surrounding community helps them is a huge factor to their time as well.

Child psychotherapy is one of the most important fields in psychology. It aims to develop and apply scientific methods to provide therapy services for infants, children, and adolescents. One of the most important tasks of the therapist, is to understand the basic needs of children and adolescents to look at the impact of family and social context. This affects the child’s social and emotional adjustment, cognitive development, and behaviour.

It may be difficult for the family to deal with the child suffering from a personality or mental disorder. They may not be fully aware of the symptoms, their impact on the child. Hence the role of the therapist is to educate the family and develop a remedial plan that ensures the mental and psychological support to the child and provides them with an appropriate environment and helps them deal with the variables in their surroundings.

Group therapy is a type of psychotherapy, performed by one or more psychotherapists by treating a small group of clients altogether as a group. It allows individuals to establish social relationships with each other so that the patient becomes more aware of the problem he or she faces. Other clients with the same disorders can help one of the clients to develop a lifestyle that helps them adjust to their disorders and increase his/her ability to cure and improve. Some support groups discuss an event such as loss, illness, trauma or emotional trauma caused by wars, disasters, death etc.

Life coaching is the process of helping people to identify and achieve personal goals. The training process involves discussing specific personal projects, such as business projects, general circumstances, shifts in the client’s personal life, social relationships, discovering obstacles and challenges, and choosing a lifestyle.

The topics discussed may be: self-confidence, self-worth, self-esteem, career change, self-help, first-time parents, food, nutrition and general health.

Although life coaches may be psychologists or are certified in similar fields, they do not work as a therapist, counselor, or health care provider.

Couples counselling is a type of psychological therapy that helps couples to recognize and resolve conflicts between them, or make appropriate decisions to improve and strengthen the relationship. we also help with making the decision to break up or get divorced with the least possible losses if that is the appropriate decision to make.

Unlike therapy for individuals, couples therapy and counseling is often short-term and ends once the conflict or resolves the problem.

Some couples choose to visit a therapist to strengthen the relationship, or understand the other party or to prepare for marriage. In other cases, some may try to solve parenting problems, improve communication, improve their sex life or for anger management, but also to discuss psychological, verbal, or physical abuse.

In this section, the therapist or counselor will attend a session with all the family members concerned to resolve an existing dispute or help improve communication. this can also help discuss mental illnesses and disorders such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder.

Counselling helps the patient communicate with his family, and helps the family understand the behavior and symptoms of the illness and help him to improve and heal.

The focus of the session is to organize events, find solutions to key problems and educate the family to find a remedial plan that betters communication to rebuild the family’s strength.

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